At Your Barbeque

Celebrate with us this July 4.

Have plans for the 4th of July? Keep your smartphone handy and share your celebration with us.


In 1776, Americans declared independence based on a set of ideals: our core freedoms. These ideals are universal human rights.

At Human Rights First, we believe that America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values. This is why we push the United States to lead on human rights. For us, this means fighting terrorism without sacrificing our values, protecting the persecuted, preventing mass atrocities, and standing with others around the world who demand their freedom.

But what does American leadership on human rights look like to you?

This Thursday, take a moment to reflect on your core freedoms and share with us your 4th of July thoughts. Record a video or take a photo with family and friends and finish this sentence: “American leadership on human rights is…”

Send us your answers via Twitter using the hashtag #HRFJuly4 . Feel free to use Instagram for photos and videos. Just be sure to tweet it out with the hashtag. We’ll feature your responses on here nd we’ll share them on social media.


Looking forward to what you’ll send.

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